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I will return to a natural state our waterways and remove everything that re-routes our water; our rivers and streams are being tampered with by the bought and greedy politicians that are playing with real estate moguls and politicians that want to make sure the wealthy have water when you don't. The earths' atmosphere is reacting to nothing, it's choking.

Mother-nature, her trees and plants, flowers and ponds, rivers and the sea; these as one create our weather our rain. The drought is all about money and to confuse you. Our weather will return to its cycle when it is ready, and without this interruption created by corrupt means. When did you ever think that people control the snow and the rain, that people control the sun and the heat, that we control the moon and the stars? I do not believe the multitudes of people on earth have created the change in weather, however, we have allowed a few to change what is natural which does interfere with everything and over-population is about votes, nothing else.
U. S. Flag
All Red-White-&-Blue Flags of the United States on the North American Continent are historical to all of its heritage, those that take part in our customs and heirship (thru blood relations prior to and about) within the 13 colonies that started our history of our prides and culture within the 50 states of this country, which includes the descendants of slaves and anglos of this country, that did not migrate to rape and pillage from other countries. The flag of 13 Stars is more than a confederate flag, it is heritage to all of us, the flag of 50 Stars decended from the confederate and is the cause of our freedoms on all fronts, our constitution separates us from all other countries on this continent meaning Canada and Mexico that has their own. We need to remember who we are, and understand the constitution is about loyalty to this nation, foreigners entering our country must respect our constitution or leave and don't come back. 

Corrupt politicians who would like to amend our constitutional rights or delete them are doing it to enslave you. No guns? No Social Security, and no religious rights at all if you don't watch them and protest. Let's start protecting our rights that was thought out and worked until the Clintons started manhandling the law for their benefit alone. Not one Latin running for President should be on the ballot and especially from Cuba, and don't forget Iran. The peace conversations being conducted with the standing president is ripping off the country via the U S Treasury and will deplete our rights to Social Security of which they are saying the U S Treasury is not obligated to send payments to seniors at all. So it goes to paying for treaties with Cuba and Iran? Are you kidding me?

Of course while your monthly checks are not being increased and your funding is being paid out to who knows where. Sorry, I don't like the Clintons and I don't like Eduardo Cruz or Obama, leave our rights alone. And, Mr. Rubio has roots of the worst welfare fraud country known as Puerto Rico that takes an enormous toll on our system as well. FDR is pretty much rolling in his grave and at the eve of all of this theft ... you will see fights to distract you in states over racism during the general election, that will be coerced by politicians to make you hate each other so you won't pay attention to what is really happening. Are you feeling me?
U. S. Flag

"Racism in congress or any legislature will not be tolerated. Our Constitution of the United States, and the seriousness to pull away from the British, is all real; Canada nor Mexico is part of that. I clearly state, right now: 'Pull down your flags of another country, those flags are not welcomed here, you are here because we are a free society, with a culture that works. If you like what you had elsewhere, if you miss what you had there, go back. I did not stutter." I will appoint a >Secretary of Constitutional Regulations< to make sure each state constitution is in compliance.

signed by Edie Bukewihge, (D) Candidate running for President of the United States this 2016
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